Summer of Innovation '19



The aim of this project is to gain an deeper understanding about Blockchain and Hyperledger Fabric by the end of summer. We will do so by building a small network which enables you to do Know Your Customer(KYC) online.

What is my role as a contributor?
Understand how to write a chaincode in golang. You can always ask doubts on the gitter channel and we will try to help you out with it(if we know the answer xP). Update the basic chaincode skeleton with important functionalities.

Mentors :

Motivation :
  • Get a deeper understanding about blockchain.
  • Learn hot to impliment a blockchain network using hyperledger fabric.
  • Understanding docker and virtual machines.

Features :
  • Ability to do KYC online using distributed databases

Planned Schedule : You can find the detailed plan here


Ping us on our Gitter channel

More detailed documentation