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If you have already thought of a solution to some problem or had an amazing idea which you want to implement

Don't worry! There are enough members to help you if you get stuck.

Give an Idea

If you have come accross a problem or had an amazing idea about something but you don't really want to work on it

Don't worry! You will be given idea credits and also you can join later if you change your mind.

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How to fill this form?

This is a very serious form through which you have to pitch your idea. After your idea is intensively reviewed by a panel of professors, high court judges and the PMO, they may accept your idea.

Just kidding, you just need to know your stuff (or at least be serious and try to know it) and we'll be thrilled to approach you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any discipline/year restriction on starting a new project?

Right from a student who's just joined IIT Dharwad to a PhD scholar who's going to complete his/her thesis tomorrow are encouraged to start off implementing any cool idea they have.

Absolutely not. At OSS, everyone takes up various open-sourced and spectacular projects which are only taken up with a lot of interest and a feel to solve real-life problems like a real engineer. It won't affect your grades directly (assuming you wouldn't neglect your academics totally). But it surely will make you feel more awesome!

There aren't any deadlines or penalties for not completing it in time. It's totally fine if you want to focus some more on academics or maybe just take a break. But remember this, the longer you delay it, the lesser motive you have to work on it. On the other hand, if your team is stuck at some point, feel free to bug us so that we can help (or maybe try and get some).

Make sure you attend the workshops we conduct so that you get a fair understanding of the basic stuff. If you want more learning stuff, you ping us any time and we'll try to point you where to get started. Once that's done, you just need to observe the small little problems around you and try to develop a solution.