Summer of Innovation '19



A game developed in Python, using its versatility to include various algorithms like Reinforcement Learning into the game. Aim to enhance the present game and to build a game bits if superb ideas persists.

Mentors :

Motivation :
  • Python is the new big word and game development has been fascinating from a long time! Here you can learn both of them.
  • Implementation and learning of image processing will be an important part.
  • Know what "interfacing" is all about. Hint: It's not that easy.
  • An interesting example for learning OOPS.

Features :
  • Built on basic concepts of OOP and image processing.
  • Implement interfacing and potential to use Arduino.
  • Learning algorithms on enemy sprites involving speed and position.

Planned Schedule :

  • Phase 1: Learning pygame and building small pygame bits.
  • Phase 2:
    • Improvement in the present pygame project (and if a fascinating idea persists, working on both of them).
    • Adding features.
  • Phase 3:
    • Making use of adaptive thresholding in image processing.
    • Implementing image processing for 'Eye-Detection'.
    • Interfacing for player movement using movement of 'Eye'.
    • For errors we will be using ROS (Robotics Operating System)
  • Phase 4: Learning Manimations


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