Summer of Innovation '19

Conversational Forms


Voice-operated tech is the new tech. Hence this program which fills forms as you dictate, without the hassle of typing your email ID a 100 times.

Mentors :

Motivation :
  • Want to bring a change in the way of filling forms, which is the conversational forms. It can change the way people fill out forms, in a better (fun and easy) way.

Features :
  • Speech to text conversion using a reliable and fast algorithm.

Planned Schedule :

  • Week 1 (20-05-2019 to 26-05-2019): ​Learning new technologies associated with the project.
  • Week 2 (27-05-2019 to 2-06-2019): ​Building the basic UI of the project.
  • Week 3 (03-06-2019 to 09-06-2019): ​Basic forms and database practices.
  • Week 4 (09-06-2019 to 15-06-2019): ​SQL Statements in Python.
  • Week 5 (16-06-2019 to 22-06-2019): ​Creating Queries from the from validation and parameters.
  • Week 6 (23-06-2019 to 30-06-2019): ​Exploring DB with natural language.
  • Week 7 (01-07-2019 to 07-07-2019): ​Building Basic Coversational form working prototype.
  • Week 8 (08-07-2019 to 14-07-2019): Adding new functionalities and and making it availablefor the users to customize and add-on API control to the google sheets for easy access.
  • Week 9 (15-07-2019 to 21-07-2019):​ Final report of the Project and last minute works.


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