Summer of Innovation '19



A python package to ease the burden of sharing college events in various facebook groups.

Mentors :

Motivation :
  • With every new event in college or any organisation, comes the burden of making it spread organically through facebook. A great way to do this is by posting it in multiple groups. It is a very tiresome and repetative task which can be excruciating at times.

Features :
  • Allow posting in multiple groups by providing the list of groups and the required content.
  • Accept list and content in multiple formats.
  • Allow posting for two types of posts: embed and non embed.
  • Create a installable pip package for the same.
  • Secure and doesn't take password beyond user's system.

Planned Schedule :

  1. Explore all the options and the tools required to accomplish the same. Get a knowledge of the DOM structure of Facebook.

  2. Create a basic structure for the project and implement the extracting and selection of DOM objects required for the process. Acceptance of input and formatting it should also be completed.

  3. Make it a pip package and finish up the coding phase. Write tests if time remains.


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