Summer of Innovation '19

Information Security


Mentors :

Cybersecurity today is one of the hottest career options. And with every advancement in the technology as well as in the Internet space, the demand for cybersecurity experts across the globe is increasing at a rapid pace. Also, it needs a massive amount of knowledge to become a cybersecurity expert in order to handle some of the sophisticated threats.

Planned Schedule :

  • Week 0: Motivation (Vulnerabilities, Exploits, Threat Actors, Case Studies) (✔️)

  • Week 1: Security Goals (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability) (✔️)

  • Week 2: Malware (Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Botnets, Ransomware, Cryptojackers) (✔️)

  • Week 3: Network Security (VPN, Wireless Security, Firewalls/IDS/IPS/WAF) (✔️)

  • Week 4: Encryption (WEP/WPA2, SSL/TLS, PGP, Disk Encryption) (✔️)

  • Week 5: Security Management & Organization (✔️)

  • Week 6: Threat Modelling (✔️)

  • Week 7: Penetration Testing (✔️)

  • Week 8: Understand OWASP Top 10 (✔️)

  • Week 9-12: Practice skills on OWASP Juice Shop by solving challenges (✔️)


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