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Hello everyone! We take pleasure in announcing Summer of Innovation, an initiative by the OSS to transform your summer into an innovation extravaganza. As you have guessed it, in this programme, you can select from a number of projects (which can in turn be put up by anyone with a brilliant idea and resolve to pursue it) to work on in the summer. There will be mentors for each project who basically are the people who came up with the idea and a rough draft on how to go about it.
So you can team up with these mentors and get started on a project.

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Phase 1 - Exploration: May 1st to May 5th
Phase 2 - Contribution: May 6th to July 28th
Phase 3 - Submission: July 28th to July 31st

Hardware Projects

Image Various mentors for various projects


A range of projects for all the hardware enthusiasts there.

Estimated: 12 Weeks

Software Projects

Image Mentors svp19, NeuralFlux

Crispy AI

One intelligent bot to brief up all courses.

Estimated: 12 weeks

Image Mentors sonusourav, aman1403, ameyvadnere


One Stop Solution for IITDh.

Estimated: 12 weeks

Image Mentors sedherthe, prateekjain2606, ganeshsamarth


Shorter text is always easier to read, isn't it!?

Estimated: 12 weeks

Image Mentors akshatkarani, sunn-e

Py Quotes

Web scrapper to scrap quotes and build a pip package.

Estimated: 8 weeks

Image Mentors RohanShrothrium, deepakhr1999


Online-fying essential processes, in an amazingly secure way.

Estimated: 8 weeks

Image Mentors Mandeep3838, garcharjay811


Platform for IIT Dharwad Events

Estimated: 12 weeks

Image Mentors thealphadollar


Automated Sharing

Estimated: 12 weeks

Image Mentors anmolharsh


Be the best code-gamer! (or is it game-coder?)

Estimated: 12 weeks

Image Mentors akashamin01

Conversational Forms

Make your device fill those annoying forms!

Estimated: 12 weeks

Learning Guides

Image Mentors: agrawalarpit14

Information Security

A roadmap to learn basics of information security.

Estimated: 12 Weeks

NOTE: Learning guides might not be entitled for a T-shirt.


  • T-Shirts on getting minimum 3 PRs merged (at most one goodfirstissue)
  • Backpacks for top 3 contributors (based on PRs merged)
  • Cheatsheets and stickers for all
  • Hoodies for mentors
  • T-Shirts for all team members
  • Hoodies for mentors


The documentation contains answers to many common questions. Also, please note by participating in Summer of Innovation, you agree to OSS' Terms and Policies and its Code of Conduct. Read more below.

Have a query? Feel free to bother us at oss@iitdh.ac.in